Childbirth Education

As a certified Birth Boot Camp Instructor I am able to offers couples in Temecula, Murrieta, French Valley and surrounding areas a fully comprehensive childbirth education to help inform, empower and prepare them for an amazing pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience.

What is Birth Boot Camp?

Created by experienced childbirth educators (with the help and input of midwives, doulas, an IBCLC lactation consultant, a Webster-Certified chiropractor, a massage therapist, a nutritionist and a personal trainer) to provide complete and relevant information for today’s couples. Birth Boot Camp provides comprehensive birth, newborn care, & breastfeeding education classes that utilize a modern, evidence-based, complete curriculum.

What Makes Birth Boot Camp Different From Other Childbirth Classes?

Birth Boot Camp is not a method nor does it teach a single approach to birth. Instead there is an understanding that every mom, pregnancy and birth are unique and what may work for one mom may not for another. Therefore when you complete a course with Birth Boot Camp you will leave with the knowledge to make informed decisions best for you and your baby, a large amount of coping strategies and comfort measures to handle what labor might bring your way and a sense of empowerment confidence as you head into early parenthood.

Another things that sets Birth Boot Camp apart from other Childbirth classes is that it understands that everyone’s lives are different and for whatever reason some couples just simply can't make it to a live birth class. Instead of having to go without a complete childbirth education Birth Boot Camp makes it possible for these couples to take any of their classes online and on their own time. If you find yourself unable to attend a class but still wish to have a great education click here to sign up for an online class.


Why did I choose Birth Boot Camp?

My love for pregnancy and birth began over a decade ago while I was working as a photography assistant. Newborn sessions were always my favorite, not only did I get to hold a sweet little baby but I loved hearing their birth story. And let me tell you I have heard a lot of stories. After a while I started to notice a few patterns start to form in regards to the type of care women were getting and the outcomes of their births. Certain things just didn’t make complete sense to me, and I began to search for why. Around that time a film came out titled The Business of Being Born, a friend let me borrow her copy and together with my husband we sat down to watch it. It was eye opening for both of us but for me in particular it really lit the flame for birth switching from just a topic I enjoyed to an issue I became passionate about.

In early 2014 after having two early miscarriages we became pregnant for a third time with our daughter. Being pregnant fueled my fire for all things birth and I knew I was going to do everything possible to have the best birth for me and our daughter. By that time I had already found my care provider and we had decided that for us a homebirth was our safest option. I knew the importance of the basics like taking a good prenatal and drinking lots of water, but I also knew that we needed to find a good childbirth education class if we were going to have an amazing birth. At the time my husband was working overnight and weekends so it very quickly became apparent that most classes in our area would not work for us. My sister had a friend who was an instructor for a company I had never heard of, Birth Boot Camp. She said while they teach regular in person classes they offer an online version you can take whenever is convenient for you. After checking out their website I was sold, the 10 week course seemed to have everything I needed to prepare for birth and everything my husband would need to support me as well. Once we received our workbook in the mail I was even more excited, the materials provided were amazing.

After the very long, very hard labor of my daughter I was so grateful to have had such an amazing education. Because of it I never had fear of what was happening throughout labor and was able to stay the course we had chosen. I also knew very shortly after my daughter’s birth that I needed to share this knowledge and the empowerment I felt with other women. Fast forward a few years to 2017, the beginning of the year brought the birth of my son and the end brought the decision to finally become a Birth Boot Camp Instructor. Simply telling women they could have amazing births just wasn’t enough anymore, I needed to help them do it. So after lots of studying and some great training I officially became a certified Birth Boot Camp Instructor (BBCI) in September of 2018


It is my belief that…

  • You CAN have an amazing birth and breastfeeding experience!

  • You and your partner can work together and grow closer thorough childbirth education.

  • Learning to relax both mentally, emotionally and physically in labor is so important, so is practice!

  • Nutrition, exercise, preparation, knowledge, and support are an integral part of having a wonderful birth experience.

  • Who you choose to be on your birth team matters!

  • A professional and trained doula can improve your birth experience.

  • Breastfeeding is the best start for you and your baby. With proper education you can start your breastfeeding relationship on the right foot.

I am so excited to be bringing Birth Boot Camp to couples in Temecula, Murrieta and surrounding areas. As a Birth Boot Camp Instructor my goal is to not only educate couples about the birth process but for them to feel knowledgeable and empowered to make the best decisions for both mom and baby throughout her pregnancy, labor and as they head into parenthood.
— Jessica Jadovitz BBCI